The Jizera Mountains

The Jizera Mountains, the most northerly mountain range in the Czech Republic, and its foothill region even further to the north – Frýdlantsko – are an interesting and contrasting region. The valuable natural heritage of the mountain forests and meadows, the unique beech woods on their northern slopes, the peak wetlands and rocks, and the almost park landscapes on the southern side form a Protected Landscape Area.

Used and inhabited for centuries, this landscape has provided people with a livelihood and resources for farmers and craftsmen. In these hectic and often inconsiderate times, it needs our protection and care – and, surprisingly, this does not have to be in conflict with sparing and environmentally-friendly use. Proof of this can be seen in the people who still make their living in this landscape to this day. Some mark their products as Jizera

Mountains Regional Product. When you buy a product with this mark, you can be sure that it was made in this
beautiful part of the world, mostly from local raw materials, and was always made by the people who live here.
Stop for a while and get to know them – and perhaps then go and see them!